You can pay for your postage spend either in arrears with Purchase PowerSM or in advance with Postage by Phone® – with both you can top up instead of queuing up - in less than a minute, postage value comes directly and securely down your phone line to your mailing machine.

Purchase PowerSM customers

If you have signed up for Purchase PowerSM you will not only have the benefit of paying for your postage in arrears, you will also have the option of receiving one consolidated invoice for all your postage, machine rental and supplies purchases.

Your Purchase PowerSM account number will typically begin with a 6 for example 6335000123456789. An example of your Purchase PowerSM invoice can be viewed by viewed by clicking here

If you are not already signed up for Purchase PowerSM and wish to do so please email us at

Postage by Phone® customers

If you choose to pre-pay for your postage, you will hold an agreed deposit balance with Pitney Bowes that reflects your typical monthly mailing volumes. As and when you download postage to your machine, we collect by DD or ask for the difference on an invoice to ensure the balance is kept at the agreed level, you will then always be ready for your next transaction.

Your Postage by Phone® account number will typically begin with a 1 for example 13331234. An example of your Postage by Phone statement can be viewed by clicking here.  

Your Customer Account Number

This account enables us to support you and manage your account for you, whenever you communicate with us. It is also with this account that you will receive an invoice for any machine rentals and supplies purchases you make.

Your Customer Account number will typically begin with a 3 for example 30123456. An example of your invoice can be viewed by clicking here.

It is with your Customer Account number that you can log in to “My Account” to view your account, outstanding orders or make supplies purchases online.

Click here to Login to My Account

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